Can you make my logo?

Let’s compromise.

I don’t make logos, but I do create illustrations. So if you’d like to commission me to paint an illustration for you to use as you please…then let’s do it! Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with the more details.

How do I order a custom piece? And how much is it?

Any commissioned work (custom art) inquiries must be submitted to me via email.

Although I’m flattered by you sliding in my DM’s on IG or sending me a Facebook message, there’s a chance that your important message might get missed. So, email is the best method to contact me. I usually respond within 3-5 business days (honestly, it’s like 24-48 hours, but just in case life gets me!)

The cost depends on the size. I do offer payments to be paid in installments.

Send me an email and we’ll chat:

I placed an order, but it hasn’t shipped yet. Help!?!

No worries. All orders ship based on your s&h selection after it has been fulfilled.

Since I work solo (can you believe it?!), each piece is made perfectly for you and wrapped with a special touch. This means, I need about 2-4 business days to fulfill, prep, pack, & ship.

But please reach out if you have questions/ concerns about your order. I’m always around to answer.

I own a business and I’d like to sell your products in my store. How can we work together?

Well, I’m so glad you asked. Send me an email ( and I’ll be happy to help you with your inquiry. But here’s some basic information to include.

  • What product are you interested in selling (mugs, coasters, etc.)?

  • How many pieces are you thinking of ordering? (min. 50)

  • When do you want them?

Looking forward to working with you!