family. community. faith. transparency. joy. hope. equality + equity. trust. emotional freedom. brilliance. femininity. women of color. and love.

those are the things that i value. these are the reasons i create.


A self-taught artist, Tatiana's work is centered around women of color, faith, joy, brilliance, & love.  Her preferred mediums are watercolors, oils, and acrylic. Her body of work invites you to fall in love with women of color from all backgrounds. 

Originally, from North Carolina, Tatiana currently resides in New York where she’s likely to be found wandering an art museum or hanging with her friends (if she’s not caught in her studio with paint brush in-hand). Tatiana loves meeting new people and appreciates the vibrant culture and artistic freedom in the world around her.  "Evolution is inevitable and I hope that my work plays a role in influencing the way art is viewed in society. The world will change and I may meet a million people in my lifetime - but I hope I can touch at least one of them. If I do, then I know that I’ve served my purpose."


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