BLACK. / by Tatiana Thomas

 BLACK || original watercolor by Tatiana Camice

BLACK || original watercolor by Tatiana Camice

BLACK.  Equivalent to darkness. Thought of as a degree of negativity and everything that yields fear. It is commonly associated with all things that are bad and evil. So if we are not in favor of those things that are light and beautiful, we are automatically in favor of those that are dark and dangerous.

BLACK.  On the color spectrum it is the same as the color white, which is not a color at all, but the inclusion of all colors and although it may appear black to the eye it may still reflect some light.  It is mysterious and majestic in this sense of defying the human eye. It is more than what meets the eye.  The group of people it is used to describe are arguably stronger than the average, thus feared by so many.  And misunderstood because black is unknown and unfamiliar, so how can it possibly be anything good?

Well let me tell you how.  We're good because we're dyed with the perfect pigment called melanin. Some of us with a little more melanin in our souls than others. Just a tad more sprinkles of gold in our veins than the average being.  There's even a few more teaspoons of honey in the coils of our hair than many.   

So I say we're perfect just as we are. BLACK.

"You are not alive to please the colonized eye". - Ijeoma Umebinyuo

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